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NOT SO VITAL STATS :Once upon a time...
Date and Place of Birth: Edmonton, Canada April 20
Current Residence: Knowlton, Canada
Occupation: Un-Decided
Style: Vintage Dreadnaught
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: Tobasco+
Pet Peeve: Rude people, Cellphones
Character Assets: Compassionate, Romantic, Funny, Creative
Character Defects: Misanthropic, Megalomaniac, Introverted, Anxious...oh wait...this list is 6 pages!!
Favorite Food: Hot n' Spicy stir fry on basmatti
Favorite Place: Any beach in British-Columbia
Favorite Sport to Play: Tennis
Favorite Sport to Watch: Hockey
Favorite Critter: Pingu & Mourning Doves
Favorite TV Show: CSI Miami & Corner Gas
Transportation: Bike & 2005 Salsa Vibe
Tatoos: No thanks
Beer: Yes please make it a Brahma
Instruments: Takamine acoustic guitar
Other Instruments: 76' Gibson, Typewriter, 4-Track Analog, Bank Machine Card
Likes: Being in Love, Sunshine, Movies
Dislikes: Haters, Being Broke, New Cars, Logo Love
Last Move: Unwise
Next Move: From Here to Eternity

Bike Boy Rides Again : I am in a constant sinister sweat and I'm watching flies gather and die in the base of a lampshade and a cricket and the smell of a tar soaked field chinked and chinked and chink-chinked and I hear her voice through the clouds of all this midnight sleaze and it is the voice of beauty rising up through the muffled dirt

You are condemned to wash with blades and born to swallow glass and run your days down through a drip-feed of cupid bullets through this heart's skill and this is your fortune and it has been seen and this right now is your one euphoric moment
so listen to this purring second in the zillions and zillions and zillions of miles we come from a shower of the world's sour blood and from that overcast piracy christened with marauder spit sent back into this royal shaft with the weight of a name to fight against the merchant's minor key

My grace has gone and taken her gospel shade and turned my body to a scab out here in the public frost with the woolen coat a widow wears this world so full of grout and pain and living lines of army ants has crawled into my sweeties' tongue and turned the tetanus into me

Last known photo of the Pimplomats!

Me and auntie Brenda!"Growing up in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada Dave must have taken alot of drugs, drank alot of beer, and ran with a mean crew because he wears the inevitable scars of a disturbed loner. He now lives in Saint Henri, never takes drugs and rarely drinks alot of beer but still exhibits the same maladjusted traits! He runs with a wild crew: Elvis68, BoomBoom, Sugar Pi, Widget, Gagnon, Sweet Marie, JF, BO7, Johnny Carcinogen and PFB are his main posse. Dave is either out on his balcony writing some new tunes or down at Claude et Claudettes in his pimp get up working the East Coast Empire! He is Crazy! Now feed me you cretin!

Singing in the Rain -
The ultimate gathering of talent with great songs, super story and Gene Kelly rips it up!
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe - Elizabeth Taylor rocks my world and this is freaking so dark and disturbed!
Down By Law - Sweet, simple black and white coolness with Tom Waits to boot!
National Velvet - I always cry during this...and I've seen it at least 20 times! More Elizabeth!
Short Cuts - Robert Altman is the king of realistic! Super dialogue and hell Tom Waits again!
The Postman Always Rings Twice - The repartee is stellar and it's so film noir that you can barely read it!
North by Northwest - How deep do you want to go into craziness! Hitch is the man!

Me and Grandma! FAVORITE

- Revolver
Pretenders - Pretenders
The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
XTC - Drums and Wires

I was raised on headphones! FAVORITE SONGS :
Beatles -
Tomorrow Never Knows
Patti Page - You Belong To Me
Patti Smith - Summer Cannibals

My Grandmother
GEORGA JACKSON : 1915 - 2002
My dear grand-mother has passed away.
I was so glad that I saw her one last time at Christmas. I was lucky to have had her in my life...she was a real sweet-heart!

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Me and my TeddyBear!
antiseptic : believing : crazed : demented : eccentric : fantastic : groovy : headstrong : independent : jarring : kaleidoscope : lazy : morbid : neurotic : open-minded : positive : quiet : retro : standoffish : tense : underhanded : voracious : whacked: x-rated : yearning : zaffled
Dad, Mom, Me, Grandpa, Gradma!

John Kennedy Toole - A Confederacy of Dunces - So funny...so damned funny I pee myself every time!
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. - Breakfast of Champions - This cat simply rocks...he's a genius!
Albert Camus - The Outsider - More angst to sweeten my drink!
James Thurber - The Thurber Carnival - Talk about a storeyteller
Richard Brautigan - Revenge of the Lawn - A great poet who can draw you a picture!
Aldous Huxley - Brave New World - Yeah this is too close for comfort!
Sylvia Plath - Anything - Sweet magic on the page!

"Who really wants to read the life story of some unknown narcissistic miscreant? The past doesn't exist! The future is a dream! So let's just say that knowing Mister Milligan is like taking a long desert voyage with nothing but a canteen full of sweet and sour sexual bile! That's all the info you need! Now go and play outside and turn off this bourgeois LSD!"



DM 05/2007
David Milligan

David Milligan March 1st 2013 Busking in Montreal